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Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

Learning where bedbugs are going to hide in your home is a good idea. Once you’ve figured it out, you’ll know where to look when you suspect you have a problem. Bedbugs are roughly a quarter of an inch so they can hide in small gaps and cracks. They often hide in small cracks where you rarely look. As a result, it is hard to find them. Knowing where to look will make the process quicker.

Where Will Bedbugs Hide?


First and foremost, you have to check the mattresses in your home. When an infestation occurs, most bedbugs in the home are going to hide on the mattress and box spring. Therefore, you’ll need to check these items first. They stay here because they can detect heat and CO2 when someone sleeps at night. They know when you’re sleeping in the bed so they’ll come out and consume your blood.


As the bedbugs reproduce and the infestation grows, the bugs are going to spread throughout the home. They will move to the bed frame. If the frame is reddish-brown, the bedbugs will blend in with them. They can hide on the frame around the gaps, cracks, and corners.

Bed Sheets

The bedbugs are also going to hide on your bedsheets. They’re much easier to spot on the bedclothes. You will likely be able to see them crawling on the sheets. They can also hide on the folds of the sheets and covers.


When you have carpets in your bedroom, you can guarantee that bedbugs are going to hide in those carpets. They can hide between the fibers. Once you go to sleep, the bedbugs will come out of the carpets, climb on the bed, and consume your blood.

Couches And Chairs

Bedbugs will also hide on furniture. When you have bedbugs, they’ll spread across your home and hide on these items. These bugs are going to hide between the cushions and under the pillows. In addition to this, they’ll hide under the furniture. Flip it over and see if bedbugs are hiding under it.

Other Places They Hide

Bedbugs can hide in other places across your home too. Below, you’ll find out about the odd places they can hide around residential dwellings.


Don’t forget to check your luggage. After spending a night at a bedbug-infested motel, there is a good chance that your luggage will contain bedbugs. They’ll travel home with you and they’ll stay in the luggage. After a motel stay, it is a good idea to check your luggage for bedbugs.

Wall Decorations

You’ll also need to check the decorations on your walls. They’re great for enhancing the style of your rooms. However, they’re good hiding places for bedbugs too. You’ll need to check these decorations because bedbugs might be hiding in them.


Don’t forget to check nearby books. Bedbugs can hide in the books near your bed. They often hide under the protective cover. They can also hide in the small gap near the book’s binding. Check the books near your bed because they might contain bedbugs.

The Nightstand

You’ll also have to check the nightstand near your bed. The furniture often contains plenty of hiding places for bedbugs. They can hide in the drawers and under the nightstand.

Electronic Devices

Electronic devices are good hiding places for bedbugs to hide. They prefer electronics close to your bed. For instance, they’re going to hide in alarm clocks. They can slip through the small gaps and enter the device. They’ll also hide in gaming consoles and televisions. Finally, you’ll find bedbugs hiding in the boxes stored under your bed. If you’re going to store items under your bed, you need to do so in airtight containers. Otherwise, bedbugs will invade the boxes and reproduce there. It is pertinent to deal with an infestation as quickly as possible. Once they’re in your home, get in touch with an exterminator and fix the problem before it worsens.

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