Box Elder Bugs

Professional Box Elder Bug Pest Control Tuscon Arizona

The box elder “boxelder” bug is a small insect with distinguishable features like its black red-outlined wings. The red outline sets on a black backdrop, a feature that is difficult to ignore. The adult grows up to 0.5 (½) inches in length. The diet consists of sap from the cherry, ash, box elder, and maple tree species.

Why Are Box Elder bugs Attacking My Tuscon Property?

Boxelder bugs meet the criteria to be classified as an “overwintering pest.” Overwintering in a dormant state similar to that of hibernation. Insect overwintering starts when the winter season is ready to kick in or when the temperature drops to 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below.

Overwintering continues until the following spring or when the temperatures begin warm. Overwintering protects impacted insect species from extinction due to a lack of food supply, snow, sleet, low temperatures, and rain.

Should I Be Concerned About My Children And Box Elder Bug Exposure?

Boxelder bugs do not transmit diseases or parasites to children, teens, or adults. These insects have not been linked to food- or water-borne illnesses, such as salmonella. Boxelder bug’s most annoying feature is a pyranine-based secretion that is utilized to keep predators at bay. When the insect becomes stressed or injured, a gland emits the pyranine secretion, which has staining properties and a foul odor.

What Is The Most Recommended Box Elder Bug Extermination Strategy?

It only makes sense, over-the-counter pesticides, insecticides, foggers, and adhesive traps are more commonly utilized in box elder bug infiltration. These pest control products are readily available at brick-and-mortar big-box stores, home & garden shops, and retailers. They are also available from various online vendors. This high level of availability compared to professional pest control that only available through a licensed exterminator contractor or pest control company.

While over-the-counter pesticides are instantly available at local retailers, they may not be effective for moderate to severe box elder bug infestations. Professional industrial-strength pesticides are effective for box elder bug infestations of all severity levels.

Do You Recommend DIY Pest Control For Box Elder Infestations?

As previously mentioned, over-the-counter pesticides are low potency formulas not suitable for box elder bug infestations. These products may eradicate a few box elder bugs with each treatment but will do nothing to fully exterminate a box elder bug infestation.

When Can I Expect The Exterminator To Arrive At Home Tuscon Home On Appointment Day?

If you have a scheduled appointment for a box elder bug inspection or consultation, you can expect the exterminator to arrive within a few minutes of the deadline. We highly recommend removing all clutter from inside your home to ensure the inspection goes quickly and speedy.

Does Box Elder Bug Pesticide Harm The Environment?

Chemical pesticides are harmful to the environment when they are mishandled. We highly recommend following the manufacturer’s recommendations to a tee. If you are unfamiliar with chemical-based pest control products, you probably know they do contain harmful ingredients. Heeding the manufacturer’s recommendations will minimize the environmental risks associated with these products.

We highly recommend only EPA-approved brands.

What Can I Do To Protect My Tuscon Home From A Future Box Elder Bug Infestation?

The first thing is to repair and/or update every component of your home’s structure. Vulnerable door and window frames, heat pump ductwork, thresholds, garage doors, and crawlspace vents are very often utilized by box elder bugs to infiltrate buildings.

To eliminate these access points, you can utilize silicone or caulk to fill in all vulnerabilities.

If you hit a roadblock safe-proofing your home from box elder bugs and other insect species, do not hesitate to contact our Tuscon exterminators.

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