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Heat Treatment

Some bugs are harder to eliminate than others. Ultimately, consumers will have a harder time dealing with bedbugs because they’re tougher than some of the other methods. With that being said, using heat to rectify the problem is highly recommended. Although simple, the solution works exceptionally well. Bedbugs cannot tolerate extreme heat so they will die when exposed to it.

Heat Eliminates Bedbugs

Although bedbugs are tough, they cannot tolerate extreme heat. If they cannot escape, they’re going to die. There is a risk chance that the bedbugs will escape the home and return later. We’ll do our best to prevent that from happening. We’ll take steps to make sure that our methods are going to be effective.

Plus, we’ll work diligently to keep everyone safe.

The Heat Treatment Process

Our team uses heat to eliminate bedbugs in dwellings across the area. Heat is one of the most effective methods because it heats the entire home. It reaches bedbugs hiding in gaps, cracks, and holes. The bedbugs won’t be able to escape so they’ll die. Our exterminators can eliminate an infestation with one visit.

Heat is great for eliminating bedbugs, bedbug eggs, and baby bedbugs. Suffice to say, nothing will be able to survive our heat treatments. The technique requires us to increase the temperature in your home to 140-degrees or higher. When exposed to these temperatures, the bedbugs will die. They won’t be able to survive the hot temperatures.

Always Effective

One thing you’re going to love about heat is that it is always effective. It is one of the most reliable bedbug treatments. When using heat, there is a good chance that the bedbugs will die. They will not be able to survive. The bugs cannot escape the heat so they will die.

Steady Heat

Our company works diligently to ensure that our solutions are going to be reliable. One way we do that is by maintaining the right temperatures from start to finish. It is pertinent to ensure that the temperatures remain 140-degrees or higher for at least two hours. Our exterminator will carefully monitor the temperatures to ensure they stay at this level for two to four hours.

Once they’ve done that, the bedbugs will die.

Leaving Your Home

Heat is one of the most reliable and safe bedbug treatments. However, we need to make sure that you’re going to be safe. As a result, we’re going to work diligently to ensure that you’ll be safe from start to finish. To achieve this goal, we’ll ask you to leave your home for the time being. The process doesn’t take long so you’ll be able to return before you know it.

An exterminator will call you when it is okay to return.

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