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The beetle has poor vision, two front, and two rear wings, and environmental benefits. While the beetle is helpful to the environment, it can also be harmful to the environment. When beetles utilize their strong mandibles to gnaw on orchard trees and grassroots, they will die over time.

The most common species in Arizona are the longhorn, powder post, and ground beetles. Scientists have identified thousands of species of beetles in North America.

Why Is My Tuscon Property Being Overtaken With Beetles?

In their natural habitat, beetles are drawn to rotting wood and wood structures like downed trees, buildings, deck railing, and mailbox posts. If your property has similar structures, it also will become a beetle target.

Beetles are also drawn to bright porch lighting. In fact, experts believe the beetle targets homes with bright porch lighting than homes without outdoor lighting.

Do Beetles Spread Disease?

Beetles are considered a nuisance pest, not a health risk to humans or animals. The insect utilizes its power mandibles to do significant damage to decaying wooden structures. They have been known to damage outdoor wood furniture, porches, birdhouses, doghouses, sheds, and garages in poor condition.

What Is The Best Pest Control Strategy That Offers 100% Effectiveness Against Beetle Infestation?

Some species of beetles do colonize, causing mild to severe full-blown infestation. It is difficult to determine how many beetles are involved in an infestation without a visual inspection. We always initiate our professional pest control with a visual inspection by a licensed exterminator. The data collected during the inspection is utilized to determine the best professional pest control strategy. It only makes sense, the higher volume of beetles noted during the inspection, the more in-depth the pest management strategy.

Do Exterminators Recommend DIY Pest Control For Beetle Infestations?

Do-it-yourself pest control generally utilizes over-the-counter insecticides or pesticides, both of which are low potency formulas. Standard-strength pest control products will only eradicate one or two handfuls of beetles with each treatment.

How Do I Schedule An Appointment For A Beetle Inspection in Tuscon?

Contact our Tuscon location via email or landline to schedule the appointment. It is crucial to note, our customer support team needs between 24 and 48 hours to process service requests. We highly suggest submitting your service request as soon as possible to avoid any potential delay that could complicate the pest control process.

Does Beetle Pest Control Harm Plants And Animals?

Yes, but only when mishandled and improperly stored, and administered. EPA-approved brands are much safer because manufacturers are required to apply for approval. To obtain approval from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), manufacturers must submit a list of ingredients utilized in their pesticides.

Is Professional Beetle Control Affordable?

When professional beetle control is compared to DIY pest control, there are two major differences. Professional beetle control requires two treatments in most cases while DIY requires more than two treatments. Since DIY pest control utilizes standard-grade pesticides, it is not nearly as strong as industrial-strength pesticides utilized in our professional pest control.

When you consider DIY requires more treatments than professional pest control, it only makes sense that the latter be the more affordable over time.

What Can I Do To Keep Beetles From Infiltrating My Home?

The best and most effective beetle prevention is our professional pest management service. We combine routine visual inspections with improvement in the home’s pest barrier. Utilizing a waterproof silicone to fill in access points utilized by beetles. Openings around air conditioning ductwork, basement vents, window frames, and entrance door thresholds. We highly recommend sealing these openings

Following a home infiltration, beetles initiate a search for a food supply. Many beetle species will ingest non-perishable food products stored in vulnerable manufacturing packing.

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