Homeowners cannot ignore the spiders in and around their homes. These pests are dangerous and they can create immense problems. Therefore, you need to learn more about the spider species in your area. Once you’ve done that, you’ll know how to tackle a problem when it arrives. One thing to note about spiders is that they can build webs by shooting silk from their bodies. They use webs to trap and kill prey. Most small spiders consume other spiders and small insects. Larger spiders can kill lizards and birds. Thankfully, you shouldn’t have to worry about these spiders.

Female spiders are bigger than male spiders. In general, they can live up to 25 years in protected environments but they tend to survive two years in the wild.

Spider Concerns

You’re likely worried about your safety. Spiders are risky because they can bite and inject venom. Spiders cannot be ignored because their venom could kill someone. Still, you’ll find that these pests are usually not deadly. In general, most spider bites will be harmless. Only a few bites will lead to serious complications. It is pertinent to monitor the bite to ensure that it doesn’t spiral out of control.

Why Are Spiders In Your Home?

Why will spiders invade a home? Ultimately, they’re going to enter your property because they’re looking for places to build webs. If they can build webs on your property and find insects to consume, they’ll enter your property and home.

Eradicating Spiders

You might be able to eliminate spiders without a professional, but the risks are immense. DIY products are not always safe. Remove their nesting locations outside by getting rid of rocks and woodpiles. Once you’ve done that, knock down spider webs on your property. Taking these steps can help you reduce the spider population around your home. Then, there won’t be as many spiders trying to enter your home. If spiders are already in your home, work with a professional to get rid of them.

We Offer Safe Spider Treatments

Some exterminators offer spider treatments but they’re not going to keep you safe. They’re only worried about eliminating the pests and making money. Our company is different because our exterminators want to keep you safe. Our EPA-registered products can eliminate pests without harming people or pets.

Our Exterminators Are Ready

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Stopping Future Spider Problems

Homeowners should take steps to prevent spiders from invading their homes again. To do that, focus on eliminating the spiders around your home. Get rid of places where they could build webs. Maintain a clutter-free yard to prevent them from invading your property. Do that and you won’t have to worry about these pests entering your home. Nevertheless, it could happen. Seal any gaps you find around your home to stop them from finding a way inside.

Brown Recluse Spider Concerns

Most people who are worried about spiders are concerned about brown recluse spiders. These spiders are dangerous so they cannot be overlooked. However, Brown Recluse spiders aren’t as concerning as you might believe. These spiders are rarely found in our area.

  • Brown recluse spiders don’t show up in Tucson often
  • They often travel in shipping containers so they may reach our area
  • They can survive in many areas as long as the conditions are suitable
  • These spiders aren’t found outside in our area often
  • They’ve been known to live in homes with kids and pets without attacking anyone
  • They normally do not travel from one dwelling to another
  • Certain products can kill brown recluse spiders
  • These spiders are often mistaken for Grass spiders and Funnel Weaver spiders
  • Although you should worry about spiders, you shouldn’t let them ruin your life

Are you worried that spiders might’ve invaded your home? Don’t tackle the problem on your own. Contact our office and we’ll remove them for you.

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