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Professional Flea Pest Control Tuscon AZ

The flea is a predator of many mammal species – deer, raccoon, fox, and canines (dogs). The tiny insect preys on animals because it needs their blood to survive. While the flea is only a few millimeters in size, it leaves devastation in its tracks. The insect has been connected to various animal and human diseases – plague, typhus, dermatitis, and severe hair loss.

Most Common Flea Sighting In Tuscon Arizona

You may be surprised to discover, more sightings in Arizona involve the cat flea “Ctenocephalides felis.” While you may feel relief because your pets are not felines, you may want to think again. The cat flea targets the same mammals as other flea species. The cat flea preys on canines, ferrets, squirrels, rats, skunks, some bird species, and opossums.

The flea’s flat body allows it to evade capture by maneuvering through thick animal fur and out of reach from human fingers.

Flea Bite Characteristics

The flea bite causes the same allergic reaction as many other insect species. The onset of allergy symptoms are a red, raised, pinpoint-sized spot on the skin. Moderate allergic reactions associated with the flea bite include the same as those with a mild allergic reaction. In moderate flea bite allergic reactions, some victims will have a pustule to pop up where the bite is located.

How To Protect Your Animals, Family, And Home From A Flea Infestation?

It is crucial to know as many as fleas as possible. It is also just as important to know the top prevention and extermination tips. To help jumpstart your effort, a list of flea prevention tips is provided in the article below.

  • Do not adopt a pet until you are prepared to take on the responsibility of its care
  • Develop a treatment plan utilizing anti-parasitic flea and tick preventatives
  • Routinely mow your lawn to combat ground floor humidity
  • Encourage all occupants of your home to not feed passersby wildlife
  • Install barriers around low porches, decks, garages, and porches
  • Routinely inspect your pet’s living quarters, looking for live fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, and flea dirt (flea fecal droppings)
  • Routinely wash and air dry pet bedding
  • Routinely vacuum your entire home, including pet bedding to remove live fleas, larvae, eggs, and fecal droppings

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