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Whether you are a long-time resident of the Tucson, Arizona area or you just moved to the area, there will come a time when you need a pest management company. With the dry, humid desert like weather bed bugs are flocking to the area. In fact, the reports of bed bug infestations throughout the world are increasing on a yearly basis. This is why it is imperative to know everything that you possibly can about your bed bug inspections and pest control options. However, if you take advantage of the professional services that we offer, you will truly never have a thing to worry about, as we are a highly qualified team that can handle any bed bug situation.

We know that when it comes to choosing a bed bug control company, you truly have a lot of options available in the Tucson area, but we want to make your decision easy. Just take a look at everything that we have to offer the local and surrounding communities.

Reliable Treatment Plans That Have Proven Results

If there were anything that can be said about pest inspections and bed bug control, it would be that there really is no “fix all” solution for every customer. Most of the time every job is different and not every treatment option will work in certain situations. However, you will be happy to learn that our company is equipped with a variety of tools, equipment, and skills that give us the ability to provide you with several diverse treatment options. It doesn’t matter if you need an ecofriendly chemical solution or you need a whole home heat treatment, we have the skills and equipment to serve you with the utmost expertise and professionalism.

We Believe In Higher Learning

Bed bugs are a truly resilient and smart creature. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that most species of bed bugs have now become immune to the chemicals and pesticides that used to kill them out. Not only this, but bed bugs are now adapting their sleeping patters to match the patterns of the homes that they have invaded. For instance, if you are sleeping during the day and work at night, bed bugs will completely rearrange their schedules so that they can feed on you during the day while you sleep.

With that being said, this is why continuing education and higher learning is essential when it comes to proper bed bug extermination. This is why we require each and every one of our techs to attend higher learning classes on a yearly basis. Not only do the classes inform about techs about the newest and most advanced techniques of dealing with bed bugs, but also these classes teach our tech how to better serve the local community.

All Of Our Workers Are Local And In House

You might be truly surprised to learn that a lot of Tucson, Arizona extermination companies like to subcontract out their work. This basically means that when you call a company, you really aren’t getting the company that you called. Instead, you are just getting another subcontractor that really has nothing to do with this company. If something goes wrong, or you need additional treatment trying to track this individual back down would take an act of congress.

When you deal with our company this is something that you never have to worry about, because all of our workers are in house. In fact, most of workers live and operate out of the local community.

Offering Diverse Inspection Plans

Bed bug inspections can be truly through and in depth. With that being said, over the past several years the methods for detecting bed bugs has greatly changed. Back in the day exterminators had to visually inspection suspected area. Of course, this is very time consuming and this is not to even mention the accuracy issues, as bed bugs are extremely hard to spot with the human eye. Fortunately, there are now a variety of different inspection options available.

For instance, our techs can install active monitors and interception device under the legs of your furniture, which will trap bed bugs as they travel from location to location. However, we can even go one step further as we also have a certified and trained bed bug sniffing dog. Our dog can pin point the exact location of bed bugs in just a matter of minutes. Our highly trained techs can provide you will all of these options for no charge, as we offer free home inspections to the local community.

Living In And Supporting The Local Community

You already know that our business is based out of the Tucson, Arizona area, but what you might not know is that we are actually residents of the area as well. This means that we have an in depth and total understanding of the local community and how it works. Due to our long time in the community we have truly come to appreciate the residents and the community itself. This is why we are always giving back every chance that we get. We like to support local schools, churches, charity event, and public events.

We Want To Protect Our Customers With Our Insurance

When it comes to choosing a pest management or pest Control Company one of the most important things that you have to consider is their insurance policy. If something goes wrong with the treatment or your property is damaged, will the company be able and willing to pay for the damages? Sure, if you ask most companies, they are going to say that they are insured, but the truth is that they are only insured to protect themselves, their company, and their employees. They usually don’t carry the insurance that protects you. That is not the case when you do business with our company.

We carry error and omissions insurance, which protects you in the event that our techs cause your any financial loss. You never have to worry about trying to sue us for property damage, or waiting years for a case to settle, because we are especially equipped for these situations. Of course, this hardly ever happens, but we like our customers to know that we truly care about protecting them.

Why We Are The Best At Serving The Tucson Area

You can see that we are a truly diverse company with a variety of different methods for taking care of our customers. If you need more proof that we are the best in the area, just take a look at all the diverse options that we offer.

  • We offer every bed bug treatment available on the market
  • We offer free diverse inspection options
  • Protecting our customers with errors and omissions insurance
  • We live in and support the local community
  • Our techs are required to attend higher learning classes
  • We only use local and in-house techs
  • Reliable treatment plans that are proven to work
  • Available 24/7 at your beck and call

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