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How Bed Bugs Travel

Being located in the Tucson, Arizona area it is highly likely to assume that you have dealt with a bed bug infestation before. In fact, you might be currently dealing with one. Whatever the situation is, these little critters are completely annoying, as they are capable of littering bite marks all over the body. Sure, they don’t carry any disease, but they can spread quickly, reproduce even faster, and cause quite the mental anguish. Once they start spreading it only makes the infestation even harder and more expensive to deal with. This is why it is imperative to completely understand how these critters travel and spread. A Good bed bug exterminator like us can help!



There is nothing better than packing your bags and heading out on a dream vacation for a week or two. Well, bed bugs are constantly thinking the same thing. They love traveling and they are excellent hitchhikers. In fact, it is highly likely that you are probably the reason that you have bed bugs in the first place. If you have visited a hotel with an infestation it is likely that these critters found their way in your luggage, purse, or clothes. When you transport these items back home you pretty much just invited the critter into your Tucson, Arizona home. Accommodation facilities like hotels, motels, and hostels are hot spots for bed bugs due to the high amount of foot traffic.



You child can bring home lice, the flu, and other viruses from school. Well, you might be surprised to learn that they can also bring home bed bugs as well. It is not common that bed bugs are found in school, but it has happened before. If a child that is dealing with an infestation comes to school with bed bugs they can find their way into your child’s backpack and travel all t he way to your home. This is why it is important to always inspect your child’s backpack and clothing after school. This might even be a good practice after your children arrive home from their friend’s houses as well.



Pets are great and everyone in the household probably loves Fido. Just like your dog can bring fleas into the home they can also introduce bed bugs into the home. Sure, bed bugs like feeding on humans more than dogs, but they will take whatever they can get when they are desperate. If you dog is constantly in the yard or strolling the neighborhood you want to make sure that you are inspecting him or her on a weekly basis. Properly bathing routines can also help eliminate the troublesome critters.

Used Furniture


Some people think just because bed bugs are called bed bugs that they are only attracted to beds. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. These critters can invade lamps, nightstands, couches, chairs, and pretty much any piece of furniture that you can imagine. Sure, buy used and discounted furniture or luggage items is an excellent way to save a little money, but it can also be dangerous, as you could just be inviting the critter right into your home. You have to be extremely careful when purchasing used furniture or luggage items. Make sure that you are thoroughly inspecting them before loading them into the car or bringing them into your home.

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