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What You Need To Know Before Moving To Tucson, Arizona

Visiting a new city and state for the first time is truly exciting. But, moving to a new city and state can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time. This is especially true if the particular location that you are moving to is Tucson, Arizona. With its beautiful weather, bustling towns, and tons of business opportunities, it really is easy to understand why anyone would want to move to the city and state. However, before you just up and pack your things there are some facts that you need to be aware of in order to make the transition a little smoother. Bed Bug Exterminator Tucson

Beware Of The Dry Heat

It is hard to deny t hat Tucson is highly know for it beautiful sunny weather. In fact, during the winter months you can tease your friends and family by sending them photos of you wearing shorts to work. While the heat is nice, the area can sometimes reach temperature of 110 degrees of hotter. Sure, dry heat makes the temperature feel cooler than it actually is, but when it gets in the hundreds you are going get to get roasted. Dry heat also causes you to dehydrate faster, so you have to make sure you consume the appropriate amount of liquids.

Getting The Proper Attire

If you are from the north you are probably going to have to invest in some new attire before venturing to the city. However, there are several accessories that you do not want to be caught without. Make sure that you always have a hat, sunglasses, and properly rated sunscreen. The hat and sunglasses will make driving in the glaring sun much easier and you probably want to go for sunscreen rated at around SPF 50 or higher.

Allow Proper Time For Travel

There is an interstate located in Tucson and it is known as interstate 10. However, it is located on the west side of town and it does not go east. So, if you live on the west and are traveling east, you are going to have to give yourself at least 45 minutes to get there. There are tons of traffic lights and there will be enough traffic jams to make your head spin. This can be completely troublesome if you have to take this route every day to work.

Partake In The Fox Theater

There are without a doubt ton of landmarks and attractions located in Tucson. In fact, when you have free time it will be hard to take them all in. That being said, the Fox Theater is a must. This theater is home to many shows and the sound seems to be projected perfectly throughout the entire space. The tickets are easy to buy, you will find some of your favorite acts here, and you can even see the stage extremely well for the second-floor seats.

You Might Get Valley Fever

Just about everyone in southern Arizona gets valley fever at least once or twice in his or her life. This is a fungus disease that is commonly found in certain types of soil in specific regions. While it does cause some painful symptoms, the disease is curable and some individuals get it and never knew that even had it.


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